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Our company is part of the Elliott Family Group of companies. This allows our clients to enjoy access to and back up of a full range of accountancy and taxation services via the Ellco Group (formerly RN Elliott & Co. Chartered Accountants).

Developer Services

Not only can we help with on-going body corporate management we offer advice to developers, including:

Community Management Statements (CMS)
We can prepare this document that must be lodged with Council and the Titles Office.
We can help you with the by-laws that form part of the Community Management Statement.
Lot Entitlements
These determine how the body corporate expenses are shared and are also part of the Community Management Statement.
Regulation Module
This applicable law to your body corporate.
Budgets and Levies
We work with you to determine the first budget and levies.
Form 14 – General Request
We can prepare this document for lodgement with the Titles Office.
Section 213 Statements
These statements are needed if you intend selling your development off-the-plan.

Would you like to understand the strata title process better... try reading Jason Elliott's feature article in the February 2015 edition of Australian Property Investor.
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Why do I need Body Corporate Management?

Time Poor we are all busy and maintaining body records is a chore
Risk we all try to avoid making mistakes when it comes to the law and legislation
Independence       sometimes it's simply better to be a little independent
Conflict sadly conflicts arise do you want to be the mediator?
Availability avoid being "tied" to your body corporate
Network do you have a network of contacts and tradespeople that are readily available to look after your body corporate?

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Some of our Body Corporates

Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates
Some our Body Corporates


Duplexes are now treated completely differently in Queensland. The laws applying to duplexes are now vastly improved – meaning the following:-
  • No Administrative or Sinking Funds are necessary
  • No Bank Accounts are necessary
  • No Levies are necessary
  • No On-Going Management is required
Duplexes are still bodies corporate (but more in name only!). They are also still required to have insurance taken out in the name of the body corporate. For these simplified rules to apply it may be necessary to lodge a New Community Management Statement and nominate the applicable Regulation Module as being the Specified Two-Lot Regulation Module – otherwise the simplified rules do not apply to your duplex.

For more information see Jason Elliott's May 2015 article from the Toowoomba Chronicle.
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